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EAD – Gamer (Movie): Humanz (PG13)

In honor of Evil Author Day, I’m posting some of my WIPs and not-quite-abandoned drafts. Yes, I know Evil Author Day was actually yesterday, but I missed it. So I’m doing it today instead.

Gamer (Movie): Humanz (PG13)

Gen; descriptions of violence & gore as in canon


Simon woke screaming. Again. Hanging his head over the edge of the bed, he vomited into the trashcan he had placed there for just that purpose.

It was becoming a habit for him, and it showed. He’d lost weight he couldn’t afford to lose and he looked like hell – literally.

Every night the dreams were the same. Well, they were different, but the same in broad terms. In his dreams, he was the I-con, guided by an unseen hand, forced to ruthlessly kill a cast of people made up of everyone he had ever encountered or cared about. His teachers, his classmates, his family, people he had passed on the street. Everyone. And over and over, a disembodied voice gloating “Kibbs. They’re just Kibbs, isn’t it cool?” Except that it wasn’t. Watching his sister, his mother, his friends, all reduced to bloody chunks of flesh wasn’t cool at all. And to know that it was his finger on the trigger, his face they saw…it made him want to hunt down that voice and strangle the life out of it. And then he woke up.

It had never bothered him before. He had played Slayer for months; guiding his I-con, Kable, through more games than any other player had ever survived. And it hadn’t bothered him one little bit. No nightmares, no remorse. He’d slaughtered hundreds and never cared. Why should he? It was just a game, they were all convicts on Death Row, and they deserved it. Besides, no one was forced to participate; they had all volunteered to risk certain death for that slim chance of freedom. He was a hero. People praised his skills, followed the game more religiously than they attended church. If they weren’t bothered by it, why should he be?

But that was Before.

Before he had actually had a two-way conversation with Kable. Before he had helped Kable kill Castle, the man who was planning to enslave the entire world. Before he had been part of Kable’s desperate attempts not to follow Castle’s order to slaughter his own daughter.

But most especially, Before Gina Parker Smith’s incredibly detailed expose’ on Ken Castle, Nanex, Slayers, and Society. Before Kable, his Slayer I-con and death row inmate, had become John Tillman, wrongfully convicted soldier. Unlike many of the other I-cons in Slayer, John was most definitely not a volunteer in any sense of the word. He had been infected with the Nanex before his alleged agreement to participate in the Slayer program, not after. And he had been steadfast in his insistence that he had not been acting of his own free will when he had signed the Slayer contract.

Smith’s reporting had driven the point home for Simon: Kable was a real, living person. The people he had killed while Playing Slayer had been real, living people. True, they were death row inmates. But that hadn’t changed the fact that they were, in fact, human beings who could feel pain and fear, who could and had suffered. Kable was John Tillman, a loving husband and father.

And Simon Silverman was a monster.


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