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EAD – The Mummy (Movies)/The Sentinel Crossover Fusion: Medjai Watchman (PG)

In honor of Evil Author Day, I’m posting some of my WIPs and not-quite-abandoned drafts. Yes, I know Evil Author Day was actually yesterday, but I missed it. So I’m doing it today instead.

The Mummy (Movies)/The Sentinel Crossover Fusion: Medjai Watchman (PG)

Ardeth/Jonathon (pre-slash); Rick/Evvy


“No. The Desert will see to him.”

“But, Ardeth, he knows!”

“You know that Watchmen do not make war upon each other! He has committed no offense against me and therefore I will not raise my hand against him. Not even for our sacred Oath will I dishonorably spill the blood of a brother Watchman. If his death is to be, it will be. If not, it is as Allah wills it.”


As the airship began to move away from where Ardeth was watching them, Jonathan shifted uncomfortably. This was wrong. Wrong. He belonged down there with Ardeth, not up here.

In his entire life, he had found nothing that could ease the empty place in his soul – nothing except Ardeth’s presence. Wealth, Gambling, Drink, Drugs, Women. None of them had worked and that empty place had only grown deeper and more painful. It had gotten to the point where he had to spend most of his time in a drunken haze just to function – being drunk didn’t truly ease the pain, but it did make it a little easier to ignore.

Over time, he had discovered that spending time with Rick and Evvy did help a little, but only to the extent that he was able to make it through the day mildly drunk instead of completely drunk. Which was fortunate, because Evvy wouldn’t allow him near Alex if he was visibly drunk; faking sobriety was so much harder when he was truly drunk.

And then, Ardeth had come to London to warn them. For the first time in recent memory, his soul had stopped hurting. Oh, he could still feel the empty place, but it was as if it was waiting and content to do so. Ardeth’s presence soothed him, drew him back to the world. In fact, he had hardly needed his flask at all on the journey and had actually filled it with water when they had finally reached Egypt. He hadn’t spent so much time sober since – well, he couldn’t exactly remember the last time he’d been truly sober. Everything was so different without a drunken haze dulling his perceptions. It was amazing.

And he was leaving that behind? Was he mad? So what if he was a wealthy man again? He already knew from personal experience that neither the seeking nor the having of wealth could fill the empty parts of his soul. Abruptly, he made up his mind.

“Wait! Let me off, I’m staying here.”

“Jonathon?!” Evvy was incredulous.

“Don’t try to talk me out of it, sis. This is something I have to do.”

“What will you do? Where will you go? There’s nothing but desert for miles around, you’ll get yourself killed!”

“I’m going to spend some time with the Medjai. Don’t worry, Ardeth won’t let me get killed. Besides, I’m not completely helpless in the desert, you know. Have a little faith.”

“Ardeth? He invited you?”

“Yes, ten years ago. I think I’m finally ready to take him up on his offer.”


Watching as the Airship with the O’Connells and his Shield left him in the desert, Ardeth wanted nothing more than to fall into unconsciousness and never wake. The pain of being rejected once again by his Shield was simply the last straw of a very bad week. Dully, he nudged his horse forward, straining his senses to follow the beat of Jonathan’s heart for as long possible.

And then he heard his Shield’s declaration of intent and nearly fainted with relief. He wasn’t being rejected! All he needed was a chance – a chance to show Jonathan that they were meant to be together, two parts of the same soul. And now he had it. He would show his Shield that they could fulfill each other’s needs and ease their mutual suffering. He would not fail, not this time. Shifting his weight in the saddle, he urged his horse forward to catch up to where the airship was hovering over the desert floor.


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