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Happy Fucking Holidays, says the Universe

Please accept this free gift of bad luck.

If only I could give it back.

First, my desktop abruptly stops working. It could be the power supply or the motherboard. Lovely. I’ll fix it, of course, but I barely have the money right now. Thankfully, I still have my laptop, which is working fine so far.

Next, I desperately need new glasses. When I can’t read the road signs until I’m almost past them, I know it’s time. I’ll buy the actual glasses online, but the exam for the prescription will probably end up costing me more than the glasses themselves. Sigh.

Finally, the real kicker: I’m visiting my brother in Spokane for a few days during Winter break. He recently moved into a nice new apartment complex within walking distance from his school. Too bad about the annoying roommates, but the apartment itself is very nice.

This afternoon, we headed out to do some shopping. As we approached the car, I noticed that the trunk was partially open and the rubber tie-down that normally holds it shut was lying on the ground. Well, I suppose an unlocked trunk was bound to attract rummagers eventually… at least my winter boots were still there.

And then I saw the front driver’s side door.

Yes, you guessed it. The window had been thoroughly broken. Glass everywhere, the glove box had been opened and the contents had been thrown around the car. So what did they take? A $15 GPS charging cord/stand. That’s it. They left the cup full of loose change. They left the blanket and other personal goods. They left the radio. They didn’t hotwire the car. They didn’t go joyriding.

Over $250 worth of damage just to steal a $15 power cord. That’s it!

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. Maybe both.

Perhaps they thought the stand and charger meant that the unit itself was in the glove box (as if!).  The $40 unit. Ooooh, big payoff, there. Totally worth jail time. Did your mother repeatedly drop you on your head as a child?

The truth of the matter is, they didn't even have to break the window in the first place: they could have gone in through the trunk since the latch is broken and it only takes a good kick to fold down the back seat. But no, they had to break a $250 window instead. Assholes.

And, of course, we have only basic insurance: it doesn’t cover things like this.

Do you think that if I had left the door unlocked they would have broken the window anyway? With my luck, the answer is probably “yes.”

I don't really understand why they even picked my car: I use a tie-down to keep the trunk closed (latch has been broken for years) and there's nothing of value inside to tempt anyone. Why not pick one of the 50 or so nicer looking vehicles in the lot?

Apparently, there's been a rash of these incidents in this apartment complex, and some of the residents think it's just kids vandalizing for kicks.

Well, kids, what's kicks for you is a serious hardship for me. Money is tight. Car windows are expensive. You owe me $250+, and if I knew who you were, I would squeeze you and your parents for every last fucking penny and then some.

At least you didn't slash my tires. Considering how much they cost, that's something, I suppose. Don’t get any ideas, now.

Guess how much it costs to replace a car window? About $250 with taxes and service fees.


The mind boggles.

My dad made a good suggestion, though. Why not simply replace the entire door? So I called a local junkyard (Salvage Yard Guru) and he said he could get me a door with window intact for around $50. For a reasonable fee, he’ll even swap the doors for me and keep the old door. So, for around $100, my problem is solved. I don’t care if the color doesn’t match or if I’ll have to unlock the car from the passenger side from now on. To save $150, it’s worth it. After all, that’s my grocery money we’re talking about. A girl’s got to eat.

Seriously, Universe. What the fuck did I ever do to you?

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Boo on all that. Good suggestion about the door, though.

Shook and surprise!!! Was finally checking my stuff after my computer hard drive suffered a manufacturing defect that locked it down and prevented me from retrieving my data. Of course I didn't back up recently so all my important stuff is locked in that piece of metal. I have to come up with over $700 to have a company that specializes in retrieving this. Meanwhile, since it was under warranty, I got a new hard drive hence my tedious work at restoring my passwords and working from scratch. Sigh.

What surprised me was the fact you have family in Spokane. Reason? I live here too. Where is he attending? Gonzaga, Whitworth, or Eastern University? So sorry you suffered from the assholes that prowl around here of late. With the economy, their are more poor now than the past decade. (I've lived here since 1985) I've watched the northside of the city go rapidly down hill which is why I wanted out of here but we can't at the moment. Glad you were able to replace your door so easily. We've been lucky so far not to have suffered theft recently though we had our garage cleaned out (despite being locked) of all my husbands tools a decade ago. There are just too many out of work punks who find it easier to steal from their equally poor neighbors. How disgusting.

Haven't seen any writing from you in a long while but then I haven't been on here a long time either. Spend nearly 90% of my time on Deviant Art instead. Hope all is well with you now that we're into the new year.

Great to hear from you again. Sorry about your computer troubles - how annoying... I hope you didn't lose anything too important.
My brother attends ITT Tech in Spokane Valley.

Happy new year to you as well.


Oh, I know where that is! What I lost is valuable pics so will have to pay when I can to retrieve them.

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