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EAD – Indiana Jones (Crystal Skull) AU: Shadow-walker (PG)

In honor of Evil Author Day, I’m posting some of my WIPs and not-quite-abandoned drafts. Yes, I know Evil Author Day was actually yesterday, but I missed it. So I’m doing it today instead.

First up:

Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull AU: Shadow-walker

Indiana/Marion, Mutt/OMC (pre-slash)


He’d been following them for three days now. He should have returned and told the tribal elders of the pale strangers, but whenever he considered it, the black Jaguar appeared to him, warning against it.

So. They were a strange party: two elders, a woman, and a young warrior. They were mostly unarmed, except for a knife the young warrior carried and the strange rope the elder carried. One would not think that rope could be a weapon, especially since it had no stones tied to it. But he had seen the elder showing the young one how the rope could be used, and it was a formidable weapon indeed. He certainly had no desire to feel its sting.

They carried no supplies and all appeared to be injured in small ways. And they were very noisy. But it wasn’t their physical state that interested him. The elders were both men of Power, he could feel it in them. The young warrior also had the Power, but it was untrained and unanchored. And that was what was truly drawing him to the Strangers. The unanchored power of the young one called out to all those who could sense such things, singing of his need for balance, for an anchor. And for the first time, Shadow-walker’s soul was singing back.

So he followed them.


Indy was almost positive they were being followed. For a moment, he had thought that Spalko had somehow escaped and was hunting them down, but he soon discarded that option. For one thing, subtly wasn’t her thing. For another, whoever was following them reeked of Power, and Spalko had never been that strong.

At first, he had tried to shelter his son’s mind, like he would for a young child with the Power. But Mutt was having none of it. He was untrained and unaware of what he was doing, but more than strong enough to push Indy’s protections away. Indy suspected that the boy found it confining, because he would spend several hours afterward being particularly restless and disrespectful. He could sympathize, having had a similar reaction as a teenager to his own father’s efforts to protect him.

He may have sympathized, but he was also frustrated. Mutt was powerful, untrained, and practically shouting his need for an Anchor to anyone with the ability to hear it. Honestly, he was surprised that some power-hungry bastard hadn’t taken advantage of the boy years ago. And of course, Marion would have had no idea that protection and training was needed, because she had not a speck of Power in her.

And that was also contributing to his bad mood: he loved her as much as he ever had, but the fact was, her stubborn insistence on keeping Mutt from him had put his son in a great deal of danger and deprived him of needed training. For that, he would probably never be able to truly forgive her, even if he was able to set it aside. As he had learned with his own father, love wasn’t perfect and didn’t require perfection to flourish. He could love her and be angry with her at the same time. If only he had realized these truths seventeen years earlier, how different things would be now.


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