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New Fandom

So, I have a new fandom. Terra Nova.

The premise is clever, the characters are interesting, and it’s chock-full of my favorite thing: world building. Love that stuff.

Sadly, my current favorite pairing has not a single piece of fanfiction written for it. Not a single piece.

How do people not see the perfection that is Jim/Elizabeth/Malcolm? Yes, yes, I know that the PTB are trying to set up a love triangle, but I just don’t see it. Maybe because I hate love triangles. But a threesome – it’s perfect. Look at how both Jim and Elizabeth flirt with Malcolm. How Malcolm flirts right back and basically bows to their every whim like a man in love. The PTB are all like: Jim hates Malcolm for trying to steal his wife. But for a man who is supposedly filled with hate, Jim is pretty fond and tolerant of the man. Clearly, they are still finding their way, because, yes, there is some conflict. But it’s not the “want-to-stab-you-in-the-back” interaction that the PTB claim. It’s more like “where-do-we-all-fit?”

I need slash.

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I've seen only one episode of that, but it rather intrigued me.

Hmmm...ok, I'm gonna have to watch for that now. Cause I've just been very Jim/Elizabeth so far and growling at Malcom in the back of my head, but maybe I should give the guy more of a chance...

I'm loving this show too, though, :D So many exciting possibilities...

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