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The Bookworm's Musings

Adult Themes are discussed and linked to in this Journal - Read Responsibly!

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About Me:
I'm 27, female, and interested in writing, fan fiction, art, good music, good books, website creation, the internet, and computers. I am currently attending Central Washington University, where I am Majoring in Accounting. Please visit my website if you have a moment. My fan fiction writing may be found on FanFiction.Net as well as in my Journal.
Friending: You are welcome to friend and unfriend me as you wish. I use my friends page to keep track of journals I'm interested in, so you don't need to feel compelled to friend me just because I friend you. But if you're interested in my Journal, feel free to friend me even if I don't friend you back.

This Journal may contain or link to Adult (NC17) content which may be unsuitable for younger viewers. Please read responsibly.


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  • My Poetry - Mostly hymns/poems that I've written honoring the Goddess.
  • My Fan Fiction - Stories I've written using characters and situations from various books, shows, and movies. (Website version here.)
  • Firefox - Articles I've written about the Firefox Browser. Mostly extension reviews and recommendation lists.
  • Vista Tips - Tips and Tricks I've written or discovered for the Windows Vista Operating System.
Elsewhere Online:

I can also be found on LiveJournal, InsaneJournal.

Get Sorted @ nimbo.net


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Notes & Credits: The Bi-Pride flag displayed above may be found here.

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